Vodka Juniors
Pirate tour 2011
If I could take back the time, I'd take the things I left behind, for I'm aching and I'm tired. And if I ever had a choice, I'd change it all to hear your voice, for I'm aching and I'm tired. Away, living in denial. This road I walk is never straight, it's filled with happiness and pain, just like summer rain. I'm getting old, I'm getting tired and I'm never going home, I'd rather walk away. Just like summer rain.

July 9th | Kolimbithra Beach Party, Tinos Surf Lessons
July 23rd | Keros Surf Club Beach Party, Limnos
July 30th | Thalassea Sports Beach Party, Naxos
August 1st | Disco the Que, Amorgos (Aigiali)
August 2nd | Mousiki Avli, Amorgos (Katapola)
August 4th | Camping, Antiparos
August 5th | Agali Beach Bar, Paros
August 7th | Koloumbo Beach Party, Santorini
August 8th | Pegasus Rock Bar, Ios
August 9th | Palmira Beach Bar, Sifnos
August 11th | t.b.a., Syros
August 13th | Kasmir Club, Ikaria