Leave It To Me / Nas Tuas Mans
split 7"
Punk Machine | Uri Geller | Cruzade
I'm not sure if I've reviewed Leave It To Me's first 7" (that was released last year or so) or not, but I definitely carry some copies of it in my distro. I absolutely dig Leave It To Me's sound. It's really sad that they broke up just ...yesterday. I found out about this 5' before I started writing this review, fuck... One more band I'm reviewing after their demise.
Nevertheless, Joan from Barcelona (owner of Cruzade Records) sent me Leave It To Me's split 7" with Nas Tuas Mans. A nicely packaged (12 pages booklet with lyrics & photos included) piece of wax feat. 6 old school hardcore anthems by 2 great Spanish bands.
Leave It To Me from Valencia own side A. Their songs remind me of the 97 straight edge / youth crew revival. Bands like Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes and Floorpunch come in my mind. You know the deal; ultra melodic & catchy guitar riffs, tight rhythm section, angry yet passionate vocals and sing-alongs. I'm into their stuff and, as I mentioned above, it's soooo bad that they called it quits after 5 years of existence.
Side B. features Nas Tuas Mans. To be honest, I dunno what their name stands for. My spanish are way too poor and besides that it seems that this is not spanish, but maybe portuguese or another dialect. So, Nas Tuas Mans come from Galicia (northwest Spain, I think that their hometown is Vigo) and they play since 2008 or 2009. They have released a demo in 2009, for sure... Their style is old school, fast hardcore, influenced by the straight edge scene of the late 80s and bands like Chain Of Strength, Bold, Uniform Choice and maybe SSD. Straight to your face punk / hardcore music with lyrics in their native language.
All in all, this split is the definite choice for anyone that wanna listen to some old school, straight edge related, hardcore music coming from Spain.
Don't drink cokes for a couple of days and you'll save the money to get it...!