Part Time Killer
People.Religion.Death CD
Pee Records
Part Time Killer is a band based in Lahti, Finland and consists of 3/4 members of the punk rock band Flippin' Beans (active from 1996-2007, with releases out by Fullhouse Records).
People.religion.death is their first full length, following their 'Fuck the world' 7" and the 3way split with Jet Market and Burning Fiction, and it was released by the Australian label, Pee Records.
The album includes 12 songs of melodic 90s skate punk rock in the vein of Pennywise, Satanic Surfers, H2O, Lagwagon and Millencolin.
Fans of the Fat Wreck / early Epitaph sound know the deal.
Part Time Killer deliver positive vibes via their uplifting, ultra melodic punk rock tunes, fueled with loads of energy and passion. The guitar riffs and the vocal structure are sooo catchy that will definitely make you bang your head and sing-along, no matter if you listen to their record alone in your room a Saturday night or in the metro while heading to work early in Monday morning!
Part Time Killer know how to write punk rock songs that sound fresh and unique, songs that will change your mood and fill your mind with positive thinking.
This is punk rock 2011.
Listen to Part Time Killer.

P.S. I couldn't find better lyrics to describe my feelings while I'm on a show / tour, than the following by Part Time Killer...

'Another night and I'm sleeping on the floor, it's cold and there's no door, 1000 miles from home, feeling so tired after the show. I would like to sleep but we have to go. 1000 miles away from home, 'cause it's time for another amazing town, another amazing crowd, another amazing song but no one sings along and it's breaking my heart. This is heartbreaking music. I live for the music, I breathe for the music, this is my life till the day I'll die. I'm 1000 miles away from home, I'll give you my heart, I'll give you my soul, every single night on this tour...'