Double dose of negativity LP
Refuse Records
To start with... This is one of the best hardcore albums I've heard in 2011... Period.
Nothing is a brand new band from Berlin, even though its members are well experienced musicians (sic) and active individuals in the European hardcore / punk scene.
Jobst used to play for Highscore, Monster and Peace Of Mind, Matthias was in Durango 95 and Highscore, Matze was in Costa's Cake House and Monster, Mark in Bombenalarm and Nails, and Ronny in Situations... Pretty interesting / competitive CV, don't you think so?!
So, Double dose of negativity includes 8 songs (25min.) of no fills - no frills hardcore / punk music.
Think of a crossover between 80s NYHC, a bit of Japanese hardcore and some rock 'n' roll parts, including influences from all the former bands of the members. Sharp guitars, catchy riffs, angry vocals...
The production is awesome. Neither overproduced nor rough. It fits the best Nothing's sound.
Lyricwise, Nothing are pessimistic enough both for society and the hardcore scene. They are pissed off with Berlin, as well. The title of the record unveils everything after all...
'Is it just me - me growing old? Or have things really gone dull? I might get harder - harder to impress, but this hardcore is a mess'...
I dunno, sometimes I feel the same. Sometimes I look at the bright side of life / hardcore scene.
Nevertheless, Nothing's debut album is a must have for every hardcore kid that believes that hardcore is more than silly beatdowns, tough guy attitude and backstabbing.
The rest can get the fuck out of here.

P.S. The record is available in tape format, as well. Visit the Static Shock online store to get a copy. If anyone wants a copy of the vinyl, WAK distro carries a bunch.