The stagnation of the blog continues...
Too busy these times to find some spare minutes to write a kinky review.
The pile of records on my desk is growing huge, though.

So, World's Appreciated Kitsch is busier than ever.
4 records are coming sooner than soon.
Πανικός 12", Eternal Hated CD, Attrito 10" and Whale's Island 7" will be released before the end of the world, that it's gonna take place in less than 3 months due to the pros.

We recently released a personal publication (call it a book) called Think.
More info here: thinkisforthinkers.tumblr.com
Search and find this precious item and grab it while it's hot.

Some shows are announced as well...
First of all, we have the 2-days DIY hardcore / punk festival that is taking place in Volos (check the poster below) on 30th September and 1st October 2011, organized by Riot Squat (World's Appreciated Kitsch is something like a part of Riot Squat since months...).
Then on 21st October the Athens Hardcore Matinee is taking place at AN Club, Athens feat. My Turn, Against All Odds, Censored Sound and Lunatix in a hell of a hardcore / punk show for only 6 bucks.
Another show confirmed is Dead To Me (Fat Wreck, USA) on 19th February 2012. Really proud of this.
Concerning the Positively Positive Hardcore Fest I doubt if will take place this year... We'll see.

Moreover, WAK is taking care of My Turn's mini Berlin tour on 28th & 29th October.
1st show is taking place in Scharni 38, while the 2nd one will be held in Koma F (Koepi Squat).
Eternal Hated's mini tour is taking place from 16th to 20th November. Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece are on the schedule. 5 shows in 5 days. More info soon. The guys recorded 7 songs that will force you lose your mind... A release is scheduled for later this year.

That's all I guess.
We'll get back with reviews sooner or later.
See ya every Tuesday at Ginkgo Biloba.
Support the scene and take care of each other.