Patriarchal Death Machine
Yes! MCD
Pee Records
The first thing I noticed when I got this CD for review was the cover and the whole artwork feat. photos from riots that took place in Athens the previous years. Molotov cocktails, stones, anarchist 'outfit', cops etc., you definitely know the deal...
So, I was more than curious to find out what these guys are into both music and lyric wise. After a quick look at the press release and the CD insert I figured out that PDM include a member with Greek origin and that's definitely the answer why the layout was based upon the Greek riots...
Patriarchal Death Machine come from Adelaide, Australia, and they were formed back in 2004.
'Yes!' is their 2nd release, a 7-song EP following their debut album 'Familiarity breeds contempt' (2006).
Those 7 songs are a mixture of 80s old school hardcore / punk (may I call it NYHC?) with a strong touch of modern technical hardcore... I dunno how to describe this because is 100% unique... I think that if you put in the mixer Dead Kennedys along with Million of Dead Cops, Sick Of It All and Propagandhi, you'll get PDM... I know that this sounds weird, but I've no better description, sorry!
PDM's lyrics deal with social and political issues, including anti-imperialism / anti-state, anarchism, anti-alcohol consumption and anti-gambling topics. The insert features explanations for each songs and I can assure you that PDM are political enough in the hardcore / punk scene of 2011, which is sadly more non-political than ever...
To be honest, PDM's music is not my cup of tea. I can easily listen to this EP for a bunch of times, though.
Go and check them out, they undoubtedly have something to say!