Truth Inside 7"
Ugly & Proud Records

I was waiting a lot for this piece of wax... Niki / Ugly & Proud Records, one of the nicest and most active persons in the Bulgarian hardcore scene was talking to me about this release since we met in Sofia during the I Want You Dead winter tour, back in January 2011.
So, here I am, 9 months later, in front of the turntable, listening to Truth Inside while typing these bunch of words in my PC!
To start with, Truth Inside come from Panama city, Florida, and they are a pretty young band claiming the straight edge, a positive outlook and respect to the others.
Take a look at the cover art and you can easily figure out what style of music they are playing...
Straightforward hardcore / punk it is. Bands like Floorpunch, In My Eyes, Gorilla Biscuits and The First Step are big influences for Truth Inside, since they manage to mix both late 80s / early 90s straight hardcore and new millennium's straight edge revival.
Their lyrics deal with issues like 'keeping it alive', the straight edge and positive messages. You know the deal!
The 7" comes in splatter color 45rpm vinyl feat. black & white covers including lyrics.
I really dig this record, do the same and pick your copy from your local hardcore dealer.
Truth Inside are on a weekend Florida tour along with another great band called Losin' It while you are reading this review!