Arse Moreira / Resurrectionists 6"
Moment Of Collapse | React With Protest

Never feel my words running and reflected in the back
you will never understand life inside life
you will hurt from an eternal slug of whiskey
night girls will whisper your name.
Distant echoes of pain so you'll wish my breath to return to your scars.
You ain't got no love to give!
You ain't got no love to give!

This is chaotic, technical and dark screamo / hardcore / grind at its best.
This 6" is the soundtrack of apocalypse.
Screamo / emoviolence band Arse Moreira from Mexico (sad that it called quits some months ago) team up with Germany's best grinding fast powerviolence / screamo hardcore band called Resurrectionists, bringing CHAOS.

Get this before it's too late.
Moment Of Collapse and React With Protest are one of the best labels based in Europe nowadays. Period.