Alpinist - Lichtlaerm 12"
Phobiact | Vendetta

I remember a couple of years ago (2 or 3, dunno...) when I got the first release of Munster's (Germany) Alpinist for my distro... It was a split 12" with Finisterre. After carrying it in my box / mail-order for a couple of months, no one bought a single copy and I was forced to trade the records with some other releases of a foreign distro / label.
Some months after this incident, Alpinist played a summer fest in central Greece. A few people got nuts, while the majority preferred to listen to their safe punk tunes and spend their money on alcohol.
Nowadays, Alpinist got the hype in the local underground scene. Every single crust kid seem to like them. Even if he / she doesn't like them, they have to, because they got the hype. You know the deal.
To state my humble opinion, Alpinist is one of the best and fresh European crust bands that I've listened to since ages.
And they definitely deserve that kind of hype...
I got the 2nd press (limited to 500 copies) of their 2nd full length album by Last Scream distro a couple of weeks ago, and even though I was listening to this record on my iPod for months, listening to the original vinyl made more sense to me and kept me focused to their furious melodies and urgent music.
Lichtlaerm is a german word combining the words light and noise, and so does the record itself, bringing into light
32:59 minutes of noisy / apocalyptic yet atmospheric crust hardcore.
Alpinist is a fucking GREAT band and you should spend 32:59 minutes of your life in order to listen to that record.
If you don't do so, the shame is on you.
The record comes with a nice insert and a poster.

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