We arrived in Sofia an hour ago...
Crashing now in Niki's house in the city suburbs.
The drive was way too long... Almost 12 hours.
I got the van at 11 this morning and went straight ahead to Volos.
After saying hi to my parents and having an urgent lunch, I picked up Eternal Hated and John.
We fully loaded the van and started the trip.
A part of the road on our way to Thessaloniki is under construction so we had to go through a 2-hour interchange...
Crossed the borders at 20.30 and arrived in Sofia 3 hours later.
Tomorrow we have to wake up at 8.
The trip to Bucharest is 6 hours long.
Eternal Hated's first show of the mini Balkan tour is taking place at the local Underworld Club.

Everyone is safe & sound.
Pretty tired, though.
We are listening to some cool post-hardcore (Northless), ready to sleep.

Van essentials: vegan edge hip hop, greek punk rock, fall of efrafa, aussitot mort, eternal hated, home made sandwiches, gps fixed by thanos, vignette.