We just arrived in Bucharest, parked the van near the venue and went for a walk in the city centre.

We are in a cosy cafeteria now drinking coffees & hot chocolate. Wifi available, awesome.

The trip was cool, John handled all the driving and the rest spent our time having fun & moaning.

We got checked by the cops twice but no problem occurred since 'we are a touring band that is gonna play in Bucharest'.

Romania's countryside is obviously poor but Bucharest is a very nice city!

We are pretty happy to be here and have a show tonight.

Andra, the girl that is taking care of the show, is gonna meet us in an hour, bringing vegan food for us.

Soundcheck is next and doors open at 21.00.

If you are around Bucharest, come & join us!

Van essentials: gps (definitely), niki's directions, vegan edge hip hop, lagwagon, nofx, defeater, aussie beatdown, rovignette,vegan burgers, cappuccino, spray paint the walls book.