Crashing on an almost proper bed after having a hot shower is maybe one of the best moments while on tour.

The show tonight was awesome, even though not a lot of people attended it; but, believe me, those who did so (around 50) were dedicated and die-hard scenesters.
Underworld club is one of the best underground venues we have ever visited, located in the city centre of Bucharest and consisting of a nice bar on the ground floor, the venue in the basement, and a hostel (!) upstairs.
Andra took care of everything; cooked some great veg(etari)an food for us, held the door duties and made sure that everything was alright. We wanna thank her and send greetings to her boyfriend, Paul, who actually booked the show.
So, the gig started at around 22.00 and Breathelast, a local band, went on stage. The guys delivered a bunch of well-structured and catchy metallic hardcore songs, strongly influenced by modern hardcore, while adding a lot of post-hardcore stitches. Nothing to do with generic metal/fashioncore. You should check them out.
Eternal Hated headlined the show. Last time I saw those guys playing live was during their mini German / Swiss tour back in early April 2011, so I got pretty excited and positively surprised to attend a completely fresh and mature show by them.
Seriously, these guys kick ass. I dare to say that they are probably among the top-5 of greek all styles hardcore bands nowadays... They performed a whole new set featuring the 7 songs that are included in their new opus called '26.48 minutes of life'. Forget their metalcore past... If you are into screamo, metallic hardcore and / or post-hardcore, you are into Eternal Hated, too. Word.

The show ended pretty early (since only 2 bands played) around 23.30. We loaded the van and went for a walk downtown despite the cold. As I wrote before, Bucharest is a very nice city with a lot of historical buildings, clean and big pavements and no cops roaming around, hehe! Thanos almost fell in love with some girls...

Back to the venue, we found the bar open, so we entered it in order to have a drink.
The table soccer was waiting for us... Almost everyone in the room defeated me & John... even Thanos & Nikos, damn!

Tomorrow we have a show in (majestic, as Stelios assure us) Brasov, a small city located in north Romania.
The gps indicates that the drive is around 3 hours, so we don't have to hurry up, I guess...
Alec and other friends from Cluj - Napoca will travel for more than 6 hours to attend the show.
Can't wait to meet them again. 3 cool bands, Stuck In A Rut, I Stare Into The Forest and The Dignity Complex, are gonna share the stage with Eternal Hated. We are getting prepared for a hell of a show...

Now I have to get some sleep. We set the alarm at 10.

-world's appreciated kitsch & eternal hated-

P.S. 38 years ago people overthrew junta (the military led dictatorship) in Greece. 38 years later and junta is still here, dressed in capitalistic democracy's clothing. If it's not direct, democracy is nothing. Wake up & reclaim life.