Downfall Of Gaia / In The Hearts Of The Emperors

split 12"

Alerta Antifascista | Moment Of Collapse | Shove

The earth and its world is collapsing and no one is watching.

This split 12" is one of the best - selling records distributed by World's Appreciated Kitsch the last months.

The 6 copies I got from the kind people running Moment Of Collapse were sold out in a week or so.

Moreover, this record is probably among the greatest and most - interesting albums I've listened to in 2011.

Downfall Of Gaia from Germany team up with Sweden's In The Hearts Of The Emperors, and with the collaboration of 3 hard-working DIY European labels, they deliver this epical record.

The Downfall Of Gaia side features 2 songs (lasting around 23 minutes) of heavy & doomy yet atmospheric crust / post-hardcore that fans of Fall Of Efrafa, Ekkaia and Morne will worship. DOG have already released a full length called 'Epos', so they continue walking on the path that they have already paved; music to listen to in the dark with candles burning...

On the other side, In The Hearts Of The Emperors, are even more heavy, unveiling 3 songs / 20 minutes of post-hardcore / crust / black metal, while being influenced by bands like Amen Ra and Ictus, and movements like the Zeitgeist.

The split 12" comes in 180g heavyweight vinyl and a gatefold cover, including a poster.

Get in touch with the labels to get your copy.

The earth and its world is collapsing and no one is watching.