.Day 1.
.25th December 2011.

The Volos show was definitely rad.
I met with IWYD around 21.00, the time they arrived from Patras.
We set up everything and the show started after a couple of hours.
Take The Chance played first; awesome new hardcore band with a lot of potential, can't wait to watch them live again. They covered Have Heart & No Turning Back, as well.
IWYD played next. 35 minutes of dark hardcore.
The new songs are awesome.
I always enjoy watching these dudes performing their set.
Faithreat kinda headlined the show; local thrash core at its best (incl. Nailbomb & ST covers).
Not their best show, I have to admit.

So, we packed everything in the huge van.
IWYD went to sleep in some friends of theirs.
I joined my buddies and went for a drink.
I dunno if it was the right decision since I have to wake up in 4 hrs.
But spending time with your loved ones is always unbeatable.
Tomorrow we have a 6hr trip to Skopje.