.Day 2.
.26th December 2011.

Yesterday's show was really cool.
We started the trip from Volos at around 9 o' clock in the morning and we reached the borders 3 hrs later.
To be honest, I was expecting to face huge problems there (because we didn't have ata-karnet document; a paper that all the touring bands are supposed to have) but after a short conversation with the border police we enter Macedonia.
2 more hrs of driving and we were in Skopje center.
Vasko (Bernay's Propaganda, XAXAXA, ex-FPO) picked us up and we went to the venue, a small yet nice club called La Kana, located in the old city of Skopje. His girlfriend Tina (vocalist of Bernay's Propaganda) brought some super delicious veg(etari)an food for us. Damn, we ate everything in 5 min, hehe!
It was really awesome to meet Vasko & Tina again. They treated us so nice; best hospitality ever.
Some old friends from Skopje, Goran (Obsolete Human label) and Ivan (Fuck Yoga Records), were there, as well, along with Jano (BP, XAXAXA, FPO drummer) and Marko (Boiling Point label) from Kumanovo.

So, we entered La Kana around 15.00 and the 1st band (out of 9) was already playing.
2 more bands played (that I didn't watch) and then Shock Troopers, a great local d-beat band with a massive sound.
IWYD were next; I enjoyed their show very much. 30 minutes of intense hardcore.
Ivan told me that some parts of their music remind him of Celtic Frost and he's definitely right.
Some more bands played next, representing a variety of styles; from surf rock 'n' roll to 90s grunge and electronica.
The fest (called 'There's no Santa') ended around 20.00, since it was a matinee.
We packed the van and drove to Goran's place.
Tina & Vasko came after a while and we started a big conversation discussing almost everything; from the DIY punk scene to the German anti-Deutsche movement and from the 'quarrel' between Greece & Macedonia to the different aspects of Balkan history. Vasko is one of the best spokesperson I've ever met. Period.
So, we went to sleep around 23.00 and we woke up at 9. The last time I slept at 23.00 was 15 years ago, but, damn, we needed that 10hr sleep!
We are in Tina & Vasko's place right now, eating breakfast and discussing a variety of things, once again.
We have to start the trip for Bulgaria in a while. It's 4-5hr long.
All the best
-a. & iwyd-