.Days 5/6.
.30th December 2011.

No update yesterday because we didn't have a decent internet connection...
So, on Wednesday (28.12) we left Rebuild HC HQ around noon, headed to the venue, packed all our equipment in the van and started our long trip to Zagreb_Croatia.
We passed the borders around 16.00, after an almost half an hour search of our van by a 2.10m tall / 150kg weight border policeman. He was obviously searching for drugs, but as you know we are good guys and we never carry such bad things...!
The weather was extremely foggy so we had to slow down a bit; consequently we arrived in AKC Medika at around 19.30.
There we met Jere, Ariana and some other guys that was helping us with the show.
We had dinner and then we went to set up the back line.
The guys co-operated with a local football team (NK Zagreb) antifa supporters club in order to avoid having 2 shows in the same place. So, you can imagine that by the time we arrived there were already tons of punks & skins drinking and messing around outside the venue.
I have to mention that AKC Medika is a huge youth center (with both a legal & illegal part) consisting of a variety of autonomous spaces, from venues to cultural cafeterias.
The show started around 21.30. 3 oi! / street punk bands played before iWYD.
The most well known one seemed to be Oi! Front, a skinhead band covering songs by The Oppressed and more.
To be honest, that wasn't the friendliest environment for an IWYD show.
Nevertheless, the guys played awesome and tried to capture the attention of the crust / hardcore people that attended the show.
One more band played afterwards and we loaded the van with our stuff and drove to Ariana's place, where we ate & had a good sleep.

We woke up kinda late the next day, so we didn't have the chance to do some sightseeing...
We started the trip around 15.00 and we had to do a first stop at the Croatian / Slovenian borders.
That stop was definitely unpleasant... The policemen insisted that we had to follow them in their office.
Then they asked us a lot of times if we had drugs... and in case we had any, we should tell them before they started body-searching us and we could go, or else we would end up in jail... We told them that we didn't carry any.
I was the first (and luckily the only one) to get searched. A policeman told me to follow him in a room, where the only things I could see was a toilet and a table... I put off my shoes, my jacket and my hoodie... He kept asking me who's smoking marijuana... I kept telling him that no one is into this stuff... Then he found some antifascist stickers inside my wallet. He went crazy for a moment and then started asking who gave me these etc.
He kept a sticker and started yelling along with his colleagues...
After a while, he let us go...
As you can figure out, I got terrified for a moment or so...
We continued the trip and arrived at Wiener Neustadt, a small city near Wien, at around 19.30.
Stefi was waiting for us at her house.
She is kind enough to host us, even though I asked her to do so only 2 days ago...
We went downtown to get some food and then we visited a local bar full of teenagers listening to metal core and shouting to each other... We played some table soccer and flipper, had some drinks and returned home.
Tomorrow we have a short trip to Wien... It's about 50km or so.
The show will take place in EKH squat. IWYD are playing along Broomriders.

Greetings to everyone.
All the best,
-a. & iwyd-

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