.Days 7/8.
.31st December 2011.

So, here we are, in a cheap hostel somewhere in Prague / Czech Republic almost 3 hours before we say goodbye 2011 and the last year of the world's existence will rise.
Actually, on our way to Berlin and after countless attempts to find a friend's place or a cheap hostel to stay there, we decided to try our luck in Prague. And we were kinda lucky to find a 6-people dorm for 100 bucks in new year's eve.

Rewind: Our trip to Wien was short.
We arrived downtown at around 15.00 and headed straight forward to Yummy record store.
We bought some fanzines and left some records / books.
Formosa was next; a nice vegetarian restaurant.
And then Cafe Ciro for coffee / tea and discussion.
We entered EKH at almost 20.00.
EKH is a 21 year old squat, located in Wien's worker's district.
It's a definitely crust(y) squat, kinda like Villa Amalias in Athens or Koepi 137 in Berlin.
The show started a couple of hours later and Broomriders played first, delivering a 45' set of post - rock, psychedelic rock / ambient music.
IWYD played one of their longest sets ever. Their show was decent even though the sound on stage was not good.
At the time IWYD were playing I got a text by Stefi telling me that she was about to join us for the next 3-days.
Well, after the show ended we spend an hour or so in the squat's bar drinking beers and club mate, and then we went to get some sleep.
We woke up in the morning, had some vegan breakfast, met again with Stefi and started our trip to Berlin.
As I have already mentioned, we decided to spend the night in Prague instead of Berlin.

And here we are now, getting ready to hit the streets and the bars of Prague.
Happy new year to every single one of you.
Take good care of each other.
-a. & iwyd-