.Day 9.
.02ndJanuary 2012.

After spending new year's eve in Prague's streets, we started the trip to Berlin early in the morning on the first day of the year.
The trip was not long enough; it took us almost 4hrs to arrive in Berlin's center and then we headed to Schokoladen, a nice squat / venue located in Mitte district.
Andy, the local promoter was waiting for us, we unloaded the van, had a short soundcheck, ate pizza and started the show around 19.00.
The guys actually played a 45' min. show including songs of their LP, their new 7" and covers by Integrity and Terror.
Since it was a matinee, the concert had to end around 20.00, and so it did.
There was a karaoke party afterwards, and we decided to head for a walk downtown.
We visited Kreuzberg, ate burgers, did some night sightseeing and then we were off to Warschauer strasse, where we found a cosy bar (called Soylent if I'm right) to spend a couple of hours.
On our way back to Schokoladen we got completely lost, the U & S were not working, so some of us took a taxi and some others changed a couple of buses in order to reach our home for that night at around 4 o' clock in the morning.

We just woke up and we are ready to visit some nice spots in Berlin.
Tonight's show is around 22.00 at Koma F / Koepi 137 squat, so we have enough spare time to hang around.

-a. & iwyd-