.Day 10.
.03rdJanuary 2012.
Yesterday's show was the best one of the whole IWYD tour till now.
Koma F was packed with almost 100 people, IWYD ripped it and we had tons of fun & mosh.
Krystal Meth,a local band feat. Gichti from Koma F on the vocals, played first delivering fast 80s hardcore / punk, not unlike Black Flag.
We definitely live for this kind of shows.
Nevermind the mud in the ground and never fucking mind humidity overwhelming the air.
That's punk and we are happy to be among this.

But, the Koma F show was just the best way to end a super awesome day.
We left Schokoladen at around noon and went downtown for punk shopping.
Punk shopping means vinyls!
Visiting the Bis Auf's Messer record store helped us a lot to spend all the money we hadn't spend in the whole tour. Buying records is something like a ceremony, so we got trapped in Bis Auf's Messer's web for more than an hour.
Coretex Records was next. We spent the rest of our money there, as you can imagine.
So, it was time to get something eat and we decided to visit the Yo Yo vegan fast food restaurant.
After a half a dozen of burger menus and the usual argument whether veg(etari)anism is a political choice and / or good for our mother Earth, we went back to Schokoladen.
Andy was kind enough to let us sleep in the squat for an extra night and, as you know, accommodation is vital for a touring band.
We entered Kopi squat at 20.30 and the rest is history.

Today we have a kinda short trip to Chemnitz.
Chemnitz is a city with a 250,000 population, located somewhere in middle-east Germany.
It's like 3hrs or so, I think.
The show is taking place in a small club called Subway To Peter.
We'll update this blog again tonight after the show.
Get prepared for tons of photos.

-a. & iwyd-
.we are decay.