.Day 11.
.04thJanuary 2012.

After visiting Kreuzberg once again and eating proper food this time (no burgers today) we said goodbye to Stefi (she is in the train right now on a 12hr trip back to Wien) and left Berlin.
The trip to Chemnitz was short, so we arrived around 20.00.
Nadelle was waiting for us in Subway To Peter; we had a short soundcheck and then a delicious meal including crispy mushroom-balls, french fries and salad.
The show started around 23.00 and IWYD played an OK / cool set in front of a decent audience of 40-50 people.
Nothing special to write down today.
We are now in the club and in a while we'll visit the band room to get a sleep.
The weather is very windy and cold, so a walk downtown is not an option.
Btw, we just got a last minute show in Zurich thanks to our friend Marko.
IWYD will play in Autonomer Beauty Salon tomorrow night.
The drive to Zurich is long; something like 9-10hrs including a stop at the borders since Switzerland is not in the European Union.
We'd like to thank Ste from Kalashnikof that he helped us find a place to sleep in Villa Vegan in Milano.
That seemed to be our only option for tomorrow night till Marko gave me a call a couple of minutes ago.
So, that's all for now.
Enjoy the photos below and sleep tight.

-a. & iwyd-