.Day 12/13/14.
.06thJanuary 2012.

We are on board sailing back to Greece.

The ship was delayed for about 4 hours because the weather is heavily windy.

We have a trip of about 14-20 hours (I am going to Igoumenitsa while IWYD will reach Patras) to cope with.

So, the tour is over and we are overwhelmed by a bittersweet feeling.

We had a great time and we will really miss the life on the road.

During the last 2 days we had no internet connection, so starting from the Zurich show we'll write down as many details concerning what happened as we can remember…

We arrived in Zurich after an 8hour trip from Chemnitz.

Marco had set a last minute show for us; consequently we drove straight to Autonomer Beauty Salon, a new squat located almost in the centre of Zurich.

As you already know, Zurich is the European mecca of capitalism, featuring huge multinational companies and stores, plus high rates of wealth among its citizens. Taking care of a squat in such a city is not the easiest thing to do, but the 30 squats that exist in Zurich prove the opposite.

So, IWYD played a very decent show in the big venue that Autonomer Beauty Salon offered.

After a bunch of drinks and a lot of discussions between us and the local guys / girls, we drove to another squat were Marco and his girlfriend reside. The name of the squat was Binz and it consisted of a huge building that provided a place to stay for 40-50 people.

2 of us slept there while the other 3 took the decision to sleep in the van because we strongly believed that this was not a nice place for us to spend the night in… Trying to find a hostel cheaper than 50 euros per person at 4 o' clock in the morning in Zurich seemed like an utopia, so our van was the only option.

As you can imagine that night was totally bad for us, since it was raining, it was fucking cold and we had to fit 3 people in a 6-seat van… That night was the worst of the tour and affected for a couple of hours our mood during the next morning.

Nevertheless, we started the trip to Firenze on Thursday around noon.

We passed the borders, having to cope with a heavy snowfall and a traffic jam due to it.

Luckily, after Milano the weather was good and we managed to arrive in Firenze around 21.00.

There we met the Straight Opposition guys that drove from Pescara from the show, Undisputed Attitude from Vicenza, plus the local crew.

The show took place in a 12-year old squat located in Prato area, called C.S.A. Next Emerson.

A local band played first and Undisputed Attitude were next. I really liked their modern hardcore fueled with lots of energy and passion.

The squat was packed with more than 150-200 people attending the show.

IWYD hit the stage afterwards. Their show was really good and they had a pretty cool feedback from the Italian punks.

I watched 1-2 songs of Straight Opposition (actually it was the 8th time I'm seeing these guys live) and 3 of us left in order to find a hotel to spend the night since we were extremely tired to sleep either in the squat or the van. After trying for almost an hour without a single result, we returned to the squat. The last band, Disease, were finishing their set, so after a while we packed the van with our equipment, left 2 IWYD members in the squat and we drove to the Firenze center on our mission for a hotel / hostel.

Eventually we found one at 3.30 in the morning, took a shower and slept nicely for the next 5 hours.

We woke up early on Friday morning, picked up the others from the squat and started the trip to Ancona.

And here we are, in the ship, trying to kill the countless hours.

Just lost 10 euros in 10 sec in the roulette, I guess I have to stop.

Tomorrow, IWYD are playing in Prokat 35 in their hometown (Patras), while I have a 12hr trip to Larissa, where I have a show with my band (My Turn).

5000km / 10 countries.

11 shows / 1 cancelled.

Countless burgers.

The tour is over, but the memories remain.

Get prepared for a tour zine / memorabilia to be released before the end of the world.

-a. & iwyd-