Make your own path CD

Brain Ache Records

Rivals! was a hardcore band based in Athens / Greece.

They started out in 2008 feat. the 4/5 former members of xFor No Reasonx and, as far as I know, they called it quits this summer, since some of their members have formed a new power violence / fast hardcore band.

Their first full length album was released some months ago by the UK label Brain Ache Records (also home for bands like Nine Eleven, Beartrap and more).

I am lucky enough to own the limited edition of this CD incl. different artwork and screen-printed digipack.

The regular version is still available through WAK distro, as well.

So, let's get this straight.

Rivals! are playing old school hardcore with a modern touch.

If you are a fan of the straight edge revival and / or if you are interested in bands like Champion, Bane and Verse, you'll definitely dig 'Make Your Own Path'. Sing - alongs, passionate vocals, tight rhythm section, melodic guitars; I guess you already know the deal.

Lyricwise, they focus on sociopolitical issues; while they don't forget to represent the straight edge / vegetarian / hardcore ideals.

The production is awesome and this fact helps a lot the band members to unfold their talent and deliver their compositions to the audience.

All in all this is a very good local hardcore album that can easily compete with releases of the European hardcore scene.

Get your copy immediately.

'Crisis in economy, crisis in existence, crisis in you, crisis in me. Political systems submerge and emerge. People fall and rise. Friends come and go. This system cannot be improved, it must be overthrown. We have to crash it otherwise it will collapse upon us. There is no road for that; the road is made by walking. Our road is the one that we make all together. Our road is solidarity among us. Our road is the way we choose to live our lives. Music can't change the world but it changes people. And people can change the world. Just by making their own path.