I Want You Dead

ΑΩ 7"

7inch.gr | World's Appreciated Kitsch

In my humble opinion, this is probably the best record (coming straight from the extreme music's local underground scene) that was released in 2011.

I know that you know that World's Appreciated Kitsch is involved in this and that some (or even many) of you will claim that I'm writing this in order to promote ΑΩ and sell more records; but stick this to your fucking heads... I don't give a shit because half of you reading this blog do not even deserve to listen to this masterpiece.

You cannot understand its maturity unveiling via its simplicity. Elitism? Yes.

This is some serious negative shit exposed and filtered through dark hardcore music.

If you are a fan of Integrity, Ringworm or Rise & Fall, go listen to these bands. They rule.

I Want You Dead do not want you to be a fan of anything.

Give your self a chance and open your minds and your hearts for once. Stray from the typical 'hardcore' stuff that you are downloading from the net. Stop worshipping your fake punk rock messiahs. Cease bowing down to the authorities imposed on you.

Stand in the storm, kill all the lights, come burn the sky.

ΑΩ is served in a gatefold cover, including a card and lyrics printed on rice paper, plus a download code, plus colored vinyl. It's limited to 500 copies and you will be able to get it from various spots all over the globe before the world ends.

This is already CVLT.