Midnight sky CD

Pee Records

Mindset come from Melbourne, Australia.

They have nothing to do with the American hardcore band with the same name.

No matter the city, no matter the country, no matter the continent, the hardcore pulse beats the same everywhere.

From Athens to Melbourne and in between, thousands of young people strive to form a band, release a record, tour and spread out their ideas & dreams to the world. Punk music has no boundaries; especially geographical ones.

So, 'Midnight Sky' consists of 10 songs of modern hardcore in the vein of Comeback Kid, More Than Life and With Honor.

The songs are catchy with a huge melancholic feeling, while the lyrics focus on broken relationships, old friendships and the likes. The guitar riffs are super melodic and I definitely believe that this is Mindset's strong point.

On the other side, I don't like that much the brutal vocals that some songs include. They could have avoided them.

I strongly recommend you this record if you are a fan of modern hardcore. I know that there are tons of new bands playing that kind of style, but Mindset undoubtedly deserve your attention.

The artwork and the whole packaging is cool, as well. Pee Records has raised the stakes representing today's Aussie hardcore scene.

Go listen to Mindset.