10 To Go

demo CD

self - released

I keep listening to this demo for the 7th or 8th time in a row and every time it's over (it's 12 minutes long) a force pushes me to push that fucking play button.

It seems that 10 To Go is one of the freshest bands I've listened to these 2 first months of 2012.

I have known their drummer since 2005 or something when he was playing for Pick Up The Pieces (that then transformed to Smashed On A Race and then lend members to Do Something Now!) and Sarco Macaposi (originally Circle Pit) and when he told me that he was into a new band, I couldn't hide my big expectations.

10 To Go may not have the best band name in the world, but they definitely are one of the best bands in the local punk rock scene nowadays. Coming from Larissa, they were formed 6-7 months ago and since then they have managed to play a lot of shows all over the country; in 2 of them they shared the stage with the band I sing for.

The style they are into is 90s punk rock in the vein of Rancid and the likes. They have some ska parts, as well, which I like very much. They also remind me of the greek bands 63 High and Vodka Juniors, which is not bad at all!

Their first demo was released a couple of months ago and includes 4 songs plus a bonus video of an extra song (called Hungry Dogs; it's a ska song performed in the studio they rehearse).

The sound of the demo is awesome and I'm really glad to listen to such a production because it helps them a lot to demonstrate their skills. I really like the main vocals, while the guitar riffs are sharp yet melodic and the rhythm section is tight as hell.

Lyricwise, they deal with everyday life / modern society, but the lyrics are very clever and catchy.

It's great that there are still exist bands that have something to say and scream their lungs out delivering it to the world.

The cover is naive, but it's still ok.

If you are into punk rock / ska of any kind and you don't have this demo, shame on you.

'Cause we don't want to be food for the sharks, we don't care about the end, because end is the birth for us

Your troupe doesn't mean shit to us, we're playing to feel alive not just to survive'