In Clear Sight

Fuck fairytales, this is reality CD

Clenched Fist Records

In Clear Sight is a new hardcore band from Antwerp, Belgium.

In their own words 'In Clear Sight is about getting your thoughts and goals straight. It's about not giving up to reach the goals you've set for yourself. At the same times these words refer to the scope of a gun. This metaphor reflects the power behind these beliefs.'

Most of you already know that brutal / beat down hardcore is not my cup of tea.

On the other hand, talking about Belgium, bands like Congress, Liar, Spirit Of Youth, Kindred, Culture, Morning Again, and the whole H8000 movement (early Goodlife Records stuff) of the 90s, come in my mind and draw a smile on my face. I definitely love this era, since I almost grew up (hardcore-wise) with some of those bands.

So, to get things straight... In Clear Sight is a metallic hardcore band in the vein of Walls Of Jericho, Stick To Your Guns, late Hatebreed and Terror. 2 guitars / 2 vocals (screams / growls), fast parts, beat down parts, chugga chugga guitars, you know the deal.

To be honest, they are not bad at all, and I easily listened to the whole record (lasting about 30') for a couple of times before starting to write this review. Specifically, I'm into the melodies that the guitars unveil during some of their songs, and I have to admit that a lot of their parts are catchy enough to push me to mosh like an 18-year old kid.

But... lyric wise I cannot stand at all the macho / tough guy attitude that they express during some of their songs.

Phrases like 'back off you faggot', 'like Ares god we came to conquer', 'bitch', 'you fucking whore' etc. do not have a place in the hardcore movement I'm still dreaming of.

I'd prefer something more creative and positive.

And after all, it makes no sense at all to demonstrate your 'hardcore pride' without mentioning the basis and the ethics that hardcore makes you proud of.

Nothing personal with In Clear Sight (they seem very dedicated to what they are doing), but nowadays I had enough of this hardcore pride that circulates around tattoos, machismo and cliques.

All in all, this is a very cool release and I'm really happy to learn that Clenched Fist Records (home of great bands like Johnny Unstoppable, Pushed Too Far and Crucial Times, among others) is still active and going strong.

In Clear Sight are touring Europe this summer, so fans of modern heavy hardcore better keep an eye on them.