Sold souls 7"
Epidemic Records

Raindance's 'Sold Souls' 7" is the latest release by one of the most hard-working labels based in Italy, Epidemic Records. My friend Gab (also singer / bassist in The Smashrooms) runs this label and I can doubtlessly say that he is one of the most dedicated guys I've met.
So, Raindance come from New Bedford, USA, and they have already a couple of releases under their belts, including a split 7" with Belgium's Allocation (check out the review of their 10" hidden somewhere in this blog), a digital EP, plus the 'Love under the sun' 7" (released by Glory Kid Records).
'Sold Souls' includes 2 news Raindance songs, plus a Helmet cover ('In The Meantime' and comes in a nice packaging including an awesome cover and white vinyl.
While listening to Raindance's music, bands of the 90s hardcore era coming in my mind.
They are definitely inspired by the works of Unbroken, 108 and Strife.
Moreover, there's a touch of Deftones and Earthtone 9, especially in the song 'Rain'.
All in all, 'Sold Souls' is a great record that all the fans of either 90s hardcore or quality modern hardcore should have. There are some copies available in our distro, if you care.