The Smoking Barrels
Unfinished business 7"
Barrel Army

Well, it's time for something different now...

The Smoking Barrels is probably the best ska band that this country has to offer.
And when we are talking about ska, please do not pollute your minds with Ska - P clones, punk rock with horns or Lomocondo worshippers.
This is traditional ska, the way it should be.
'Unfinished Business' is the first release for The Smoking Barrels, even though the band exist for almost 8 years...
The 7" includes 4 songs of old school ska that, one one side, draws influences from the 60s / 70s and the Jamaica's music scene, while on the other side is deeply into 2-tone and the 80s UK tradition.
Sax, keyboards, horns, a strong rhythm section, catchy guitar tunes and nice yet melancholic vocals are all to be found in this great record.
Some of the band members also play in other bands with The Raindogs!, All Around Heroes and One Last Round being among them.