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Holy Roar Records | Pink Mist Records

It's common truth that the London based label Holy Roar Records delivers, since its inception, the best quality hardcore music coming out of Europe.
One of their latest releases is Abolition's first full length album.
For those who do not already know them (even though they have released 2 split 7"s; one with Hang The Bastard and one with Ark Of The Covenant), Abolition is the new blood of the London straight edge hardcore scene.
Their self titled debut includes 10 songs (+ an interlude) of heavy brutal metallic music that will punch you in the stomach and force you to throw up whatever you knew about 2012's hardcore.
Abolition put London straight edge back in the map, injecting a strong dose of socio - political / revolutionary devastating hardcore music in the wannabe scenesters' veins.
They may draw influence by 90s metallic hardcore and bands like All Out War and Strife, but their sound is so fresh and unique that will make you spit the past and focus on today.
If you believe that hardcore is the remnants of the 80s / 90s 'legends' that reunite or the touring circuses of the overhyped bands, then Abolition will tear your world apart. 
Just let them infiltrate your vision.

'And we shall dance in the ashes of their foundations
As the world we envision becomes a realization
And we shall bathe in the blood of our draconian oppressors
As we remove the shackles of exploitation and terror'