Scheisse Minnelli / Nervous Breakdown
split 12"
Phobiact Records | Give Praise Records

One more record that it took me ages to review... Tim (Phobiact Records) almost got angry with me about this, hehe! 
So, this split LP features 2 of the best Germany hardcore / punk bands nowadays, delivering 9 songs each.
On A side we have Scheisse Minnelli, a well - known band (at least in the underground scene, even though they toured with No Use For A Name in 2009, as well) consisting of 2 native Californians and 2 Germans.
They have already released 3 full length albums plus a bunch of 7"s and splits. Moreover, they have played over 300 concerts, sharing the stage with bands like Poison Idea, Municipal Waste, UK Subs, NOFX, DRI and more, while traveling all over the continent.
Their 9 songs are full of fast hardcore / punk / skate thrash the old school way, reminding me of Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I. and Jerry's Kids. They have some cool lyrics as well, dealing with various topics; society, skate, the scene, getting wasted etc. Their song 'When Punk Rock Was A Crime' represents their attitude upon the punk scene...
On the other side, we have Nervous Breakdown from Munster / Germany.
I know this band since years; I used to distribute their split 7" with the Italians Headed Nowhere.
The t-shirt they had sent me for free is way too large for me to wear but I think I'm gonna give it to my girlfriend; I'm sure she can make a nice dress out of it, hehe!
So, Nervous Breakdown deliver 8 songs plus an Upright Citizens cover (legendary German band formed in 1981). Half of their songs are in English language, while the rest are in German. Their style is 80s USA hardcore (played with a modern approach); fast breaks, mosh parts, urgent vocals and catchy songs that forces you to circle - pit.
Their lyrics are straight to the point, focusing on every day life and punk scene; 'as long as dumb-heads go to punk shows, as long as there is so much wrong, as long as there is so much need for, there'll be a message in our songs'.

The split comes in great packaging featuring an awesome cover, a lyric insert and a poster.
It's co-released between German's finest Phobiact Records (Alpinist, Enabler, Patsy O' Hara, The Fight and more) and Give Praise Records from USA (probably one of the best thrash core labels worldwide).
We have some copies in stock for those that care.