Go Ask Alice

Finally CD

Playfalse Records

It's been a while since I last wrote a metal core review for this blog.
You all know that metal core is definitely not my cup of tea, but I have to make an exception when it comes to Go Ask Alice's new full length.
The truth is that almost 4 months passed since Alex (GAA's drummer) gave me their CD and since then it was lying on my desk along with tons of other records waiting to get a proper review in this blog.
I wish I had time to upload a couple of reviews every single day, but this is just impossible, so guys be patient...
Nevertheless, I was talking about Go Ask Alice...
For the unaware ones, the band was formed almost 4 years ago and they have already managed to release a 5-song MCD and to share the stage with pioneers like All Shall Perish, Caliban, Terror, Sick Of It All, Architects, Deez Nuts and more.
Their first full length includes 12 songs (plus a hidden one...) of relentless modern metal core in the vein of Parkway Drive, The Devil Wears Prada and the likes.
You know the deal; tight rhythm section, super melodic guitar riffs and desperate vocals varying from brutal to growls and from clean to screaming ones.
The production kicks ass and the compositions are very mature, but what I like the most is the 'party' feeling that some of their songs unveil.
I must admit that listening to a whole metal core album always get me bored but 'Finally' is not one of these albums.
Song no.12 features guest vocals from 2 members of Fall Of Man and talks about the strong friendship between the 2 bands. All the other lyrics deal with personal topics, while the song titles are just... weird.
The record was released by Playfalse Records, one of the few local labels that still takes care of hardcore / metal / punk music, with bands like 63 High, Fall Of Man and A Wilhelm Scream in its roster.