'I'm sick and tired οf repeating history
Sick of pretending one day we'll get along and peacefully
There's no such thing as unity in this dying scene
And if you're not just seventeen, you'll know exactly what I mean.
The spirit of youth with all its glory faded so fuckin' fast
Screams for change stopped abruptly, a bitter taste is all that lasts
Hardcore for life from the cradle to the grave, but I can't name more than a handful
who still walked the path that they once paved'

Thanks to every single one of you that supported yesterday's concert.
It seems that a hardcore show is all about hyped bands, superheroes of the past and trendy clothing for the majority of today's local 'scene'.It seems that crisis can definitely affect a local 'cheap' hardcore show with an 'unknown' foreign guest band, but cannot prevent the scenesters having fun, drinking beers and attending parties in fancy bars.
It seems that some people forget easily, some others go with the flow and some more will never understand the meaning of this fucking great thing called hardcore / punk.
It seems that solidarity is nothing but just one more word for a lot of bands & individuals (most of them have been supported to the fullest by world's appreciated kitsch throughout the years).
Consequently, we stop being THAT active concerning the shows section for (at least) the next coming months.

Πάντα ήμασταν λίγοι.
More than music / more than words.
-world's appreciated kitsch-