Delete The Mass
demo 2012 CD

It's been ages since I last listened to some decent grind core music coming out of this dirty shithole.
Cut Your Throat was the exception, while Slavebreed was an all-time favorite.
But nowadays, the local grind core scene seems to start exploding, with bands like Delete The Mass and Progress Of Inhumanity.
So, here we have the debut demo of this south Athens based band. 
Starting from the weird cover, you simply get an idea of what to expect...
Their first demo consists of 5 songs (plus 2 live recordings) of chaotic yet tight grind core with a lot of punk / hardcore and maybe some death metal influences.
If you are into bands like Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death or Phobia, you'll definitely love Delete The Mass. Otherwise, you have to watch them live unleashing tons of energy in order to get into the(ir) mood.
The demo CD is limited  to 100 copies, so you better get yours before it's too late.
It won't cost you more than a spilt beer in the pit during one of their shows.