Carry The Torch / Signs Of Hope
split 7"
Goodwill Records

It's been almost a year since the release of this split and it's a pity that I had it lying on my desk without giving it a try and reviewing it. So, I would like to apologize to Goodwill Records for taking me so long to review this awesome hardcore 7". After all, a good hardcore record never gets old...
So, this split connect the East and West Coast of USA featuring 2 bands that had a lot of potential and were almost famous in the scene 1-2 years ago.
On the first side, we have Carry The Torch from Sacramento, California, delivering 2 songs of modern metallic hardcore in the vein of Comeback Kid and Shai Hulud, while side B presents Connecticut's finest, Signs Of Hope and their relentless positive hardcore influenced by Verse, Have Heart and the likes. 
The record is limited to 482 copies, and I'm privileged to have one out of the 110 red-colored vinyls!
The artwork was done by Brian Walsby, one of the greatest punk rock artists of all time, famous for his comic drawing in magazines like Maximum Rock 'N' Roll and Flipside, plus his cover drawings for 7 Seconds, Skeezicks and The Melvins. He is also responsible for the comic album series 'Manchild'.
All in all, this is a very cool split that I insist that you should get whenever you find it.
I guess it's still available, even though both bands are not that active nowadays (recently I read in CTT's FB that they are still alive, by the way).

Carry the torch, there are still signs of hope.