Bad Movies
Behind the world LP
Noise Effect Records

Bad Movies is one of the most sincere bands in today's local punk rock scene.
They were formed back in 2003 by 4 individuals that were already active in Thessaloniki's underground scene and since then they keep playing their music all around Greece (plus some shows in Europe).
'Behind the world' is their second full length album that was just released by Noise Effect, a great store / label based in Thessaloniki.
It consists of 8 passionate punk 'n' roll songs / everyday's stories, plus a Woodie Guthree cover ('Fascists bound to lose').
3 of the songs are in greek language, while the rest are in english. 
Fans of Social Distortion and The Clash will definitely love this record, even though Bad Movies' music is fucking unique creating an atmosphere that you can only feel under Thessaloniki's night lights while walking in its dirty streets seeking for a bar to drown your misery. 
The record is hand-numbered and features a great hand-made cover.
In these times that punk rock became so safe and lame, where everything circulates around fashion and imagery, Bad Movies are the exception. 
Do yourself a favor and get this gem now.
It was about time for a 'true' punk rock record to get released.

'Να ακούς τι σου λεν τα παιδιά
Μια λέξη που λέει πολλά