Wish Upon A Star
Something to hold onto CD
World's Appreciated Kitsch

2 whole fucking months after the release show of this record that WAK is involved in, I just found time to write down a bunch of words about it...
Besides being good yet cool guys, the Wish Upon A Star members are active in the local punk rock scene since ages. Something to hold onto is their first full length CD, following their 2010 EP.
The record consists of 8 powerful punk rock songs, in the No Idea Records / Hot Water Music vein.
Passionate vocals, mid tempo drumming and super melodic guitar riffs; you know the deal.
But there's something more than this in WUAS' songs...
The songs are so catchy that will stick to your head and push you sing along every time you listen to a single part of this record. This is definitely neither your typical So-Cal style nor the - a la Menzingers - ultra hype yet safe punk rock music. This is unique.
I really dig the vocals; varying from melodic and clean to harsh ones. Moreover, I am into the lyrics that are personal and melancholic but with a positive approach.
I know that this review should be more objective, but fuck it; World's Appreciated Kitsch released this and we are more than proud for our choice.
Something to hold onto is one of the best modern punk rock records that have ever showed the surface of this rotten scene.

Set me free from this cage that society has built for me
Set me free, set me free from this cage