Stuck In A Rut
No future CD

'It's like we live in a very tall building, and each day we take bricks from the lower floors and add them to the top, to raise the building. Not only we destroy our home, but we destroy human nature itself' - Daniel Quinn*

My good friend Alec (Leave Me Alone fanzine) from Cluj Napoca / Romania sent me the other day via 'punk post'** the new CD of Stuck In A Rut, one of the most active Romanian DIY bands the last 3 years.
I've seen Stuck In A Rut live once, in Brasov / Romania 7 months ago, and I was thrilled by their energetic yet chaotic show.
Their new CD includes 8 songs of fast and raw hardcore / punk with some power violence parts that will blow you away!
Lyricwise, they deal with social / political / environmental issues and I definitely dig the fact that the booklet of the CD includes explanations and quotes along with their lyrics.
There's a strong anarcho-primitism touch in their politics, since they are influenced by writers like John Zerzan and Daniel Quinn.
Moreover, there's a 2-page story that shows how civilization (held by human stupidity) has destroyed nature.
I really like the whole artwork as well.
Stuck In A Rut is a band that believes that hardcore is more than just music.
And how could it be only just music? 

* Daniel Quinn is an American writer described as environmentalist and best known for his novel 'Ishmael'. In his own words, his philosophy is called new tribalism.
** 'Punk post' is an unofficial kind of post-office run by touring bands, labels and individuals that transfer packages from one country to other while touring.