All Out War
Truth in the age of lies CD / LP
Organized Crime Records

Originally released in 1997. Re-released on 17th April 2012; 15 years after.
The CD version includes 5 demo songs from 1992.
You're crazy if you think that I'm gonna write a review for one of the best records that HARDCORE has ever offered. Listen to ALL OUT WAR now or go fuck yourself.

Resist the temptation of power that can only keep you down, greed - the chain that we are bound, neglect - we fail to see what is lost, extinction is the final cost. Greed, a disease of man has brought us down to our knees, armageddon thrust upon us yet we're too blind to see. Senseless quest for power, only a quest in lies, feeding off each other's misery, how many have to die. Searching for salvation, but it's right before our eyes, drowning in a sea of neglect, stocked with countless lies, realize if we face demise it's all by our own hand , the power lies inside, rise up and take a stand. Take & take, never give until there's nothing left, innocent suffer, victims of man's theft. Declining but no one seems to care, greed, the path leads nowhere. Falling as we tear this world apart, innocence lost, corrupted from the start. Losing time until there's nothing left, take & take with no regret, who's to blame, who takes the fall, greed of man - it affects us all.