s/t 10"
Face Your Gods Records

This is the first release of the Finnish label Face Your Gods. It hit the streets around February and since then FYG have a bunch of more releases incl. Total Recall and Left Cold, among others.
So, Remissions come from Tampere, Finland, and this 4-song 10" is the following up to their 7" that was released back in 2010.
Remissions are all about tough metallic hardcore; think a mix between the metallic era of Cro-Mags and Integrity. Although their compositions are decent while the production rules, it's not easy for me to get in their mood. Maybe it's the lyrics, that I don't like that much, maybe it's the fact that 4 hardcore songs lasting for over 15 minutes seem like an alien to me.
It's not that Remissions are not good, though. They can kick your tough guy ass and switch the blade in your fucking wannabe brain in a second or so. 
I'd just prefer to listen to something more straight forward.
The packaging of the record is awesome. We sell copies of this in our distro; how hardcore is to write a not that good review for a record we sell?! Nevertheless, buy this and make (y)our day.

Frustration won't change a fucking thing.