Fri 10, Sat 11 & Sun 12 August 2012
Open air in Ieper, Belgium, at the crossroads of Poperingseweg and Hazewindstraat. Ieper is situated in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium, in the so-called H8000 area (legendary among HC kids worldwide) and just 15 km away from the French border. The closest bigger cities are Kortrijk (BE) & Lille (FR). Ieper is a cosy town with just 35.000 inhabitants, internationally known as one of the war fields during both the first & second World Wars.
Ieperfest is organised by 2 Belgian, not-for-profit DIY collectives sharing the same geographical & ideological roots: Republyk Vort’n VisGenet records. They represent over 20 years of experience of organising & promoting underground events. By joining hands, they manage to make the mother of all European underground hardcore festivals the big success it has always been. Profits (if any) are split up between both collectives who re-invest them in their future projects.
Check http://www.vortnvis.net & http://www.genetrecords.com to learn more about the organisers.
Ieperfest is an independent 3-day Hardcore festival that wants to offer a stage to an international variety of underground bands. We started this whole thing back in the day when hardcore was not as popular and mainstream accepted as it is nowadays. Although it was far from easy, we worked hard to keep the festival alive and saw it growing bit by bit. We have no major budgets or sponsors and we try to do our own thing, i.e. booking a festival with a wide variety of bands. Each year over 120 volunteers make it all happen. The “DIY” spirit is still roaming around here!! We try to forget competition and rather concentrate on what keeps us together than what separates us.
Ieperfest is not only the longest running outdoor underground festival in Europe, but also a household name across the world. 2012 will see the 20th anniversary edition of what started as a small scale festival but now is an event with over 10.000 visitors from all over the world.
The international importance of the festival for the DIY hardcore community is huge! Over the years we’ve welcomed visitors from countries such as Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium (duh!), Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Letvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, USA, Wales, etc.
With its 5th instalment in 2012, the cosy marquee stage will once again prove it has become a major part of the entire Ieperfest event. A second stage enables the fest to book an even wider variety of bands than before. Year after year we try to offer an excellent mix of all sorts of styles by bands from all over the world! Old school hardcore, metalcore, doom, emo, metal, grindcore, postrock, punk, sludge, etc. You name it, you get it!
Record & merch geeks will surely appreciate the large merch tent. All bands get a spot to sell their shirts and records there. On top of that a selected amount of labels and distros are invited. They offer the best newest releases as well as rarities and overstocks!
Friday and Saturday evening end with a tremendous party!! Ask anyone that has been at one and they will tell you about an international crowd going wild on disco and other nice dance tunes (specific theme each evening). The atmosphere is crazy and many band members seem to be more than happy to join in!
More than music
Ieperfest is not just about music however. Since its very start in 2009, the “more than music” stage has proven to be a huge success. In a separate tent, debate and a bunch of workshops are being held. Several non-governmental organizations are given the chance to present themselves by means of a free stall. Interesting documentaries are being shown all day and the ever expanding zine library is a surprise to many visitors.
Yet again the greenest Belgian festival
On top of that Ieperfest has won 2 national ‘Green Event awards’. In 2010 (first time it was awarded) it was the summer edition that won the prize; in 2011 the indoor winter edition. It’s great to be among the greenest fests in the country. We see it as the ultimate appreciation for all environmental friendly efforts (e.g. offering 100% tasty vegan food only) Ieperfest has been investing in since the very start in 1992. Setting up an event like this always leaves its mark on the environment, but by investing time ànd money into the matter, we contribute to making this mark considerably smaller!