s/t demo tape

While jerking around in our merch table during this year's Fluff fest, Nab from Just Say Yo fanzine came and introduced himself. It was definitely a pleasure for me, since we exchange mails / trade fanzines probably since 2008, and that was the first time we met face to face. I immediately gave him a My Turn CD in order to get a review in the next issue of the best French fanzine around, and he kindly opened his backpack offering me the demo of his new band in trade. 'CDr or tape?'; I picked up a tape of course and promised to write a review as soon as possible, even though I was sure that my laziness / lack of time will postpone this review for months...
But only a week after, here we are.
First of all, Woodwork are into 90s political - fueled hardcore. And you can figure this out by just staring at the cover of the tape. How much more 90s a demo cover be can be? The guys have printed the cover in recycled / ecological paper, while they make clear that 'Woodwork support the struggle for Humyn, Earth and Animal Liberation'. 2 little things that made me dig this band before even playing the tape. 
So, Woodwork's first demo includes 4 songs of mid / late 90s hardcore in the vein of Unbroken, Trial, 108, Inside Out and the likes. A style reminiscing my first days into hardcore music. A style I will always love. Besides that, the 90s hardcore scene was strongly into politics, veg(etaria)nism and straight edge, and Woodwork couldn't follow another path.
Their songs deal with issues like Zionism and the occupation of Palestine, against religion, immigration and the T-4 program (a euthanasia program that the Nazi regime designed in 1939 in order to exterminate physically or mentally deficient children & adults). The vocalist's grandma contributes to the lyrics with some stories, as well.
I really appreciate that their are some explanations above the lyrics, plus recommended books to read. After all, hardcore should be about self-education, along with having fun, moshing and circle-pitting.
All in all, this is a great demo. The production could be better, though, but it's Woodwork's first effort, so they definitely deserve your attention.