Below The Bottom
Self - defined digital EP

It's a common truth that when it comes to hardcore music in Greece, either heavy metallic beat down bands in the vein of NYHC and heavier or 90s crust come in everyone's mind. If you want my opinion, hardcore is more wide and open-minded than this, but I guess that I am part of a small minority concerning this.
So, to get to the point, the tradition is still going strong and the 2012 greek hardcore scene is still into these 2 styles (except of some 'exceptions'). Below The Bottom belongs to the 1st category.
Being based in Heraclion (the capital of the greek island Crete), they just unleashed their debut CD. To be more precise, it's a digital release, including 3 songs + 1 intro, while you can find the whole artwork and lyrics in the download file, as well.
Below The Bottom play groovy yet ferocious metallic hardcore with a lot of death metal influences. 
I would compare them to bands like Merauder and 100 Demons or even Liar and Congress. But there's also a strong death metal touch in their songs, so I dare to say that Death and Bolt Thrower are among their favorite bands. 
The production is fucking superb, everything's clean and heavy as fuck, while the artwork is awesome.
What I like the most is that the band seems to care about politics and society, and this fact is obvious in their lyrics. They do not follow any tough guy / macho cliches at all.
The best song of the EP is 'City without sound' which feat. guest hip hop vocals by Hetup.
We all know that beat down hardcore fits so much with hip hop and this song proves this statement right.
You can download for free 'Self-defined' by visiting the band's band camp.