Left Cold
Symptoms of our time 7"
Face Your Gods | Johnny Park Avenue

Left Cold is a dark hardcore band from Finland established some time in 2009.
Some of you may remember the review I wrote for their demo almost 2 years ago...
Since then the band had some line up changes (new drummer / 2nd guitarist), matured a lot and progressed their music style, switching from Down To Nothing / Terror soundscape to Integrity / Holy Terror metallic hardcore.
So, this is their new 7" that was released a couple of months ago and includes 4 very well produced songs of amazing dark hardcore music. I'm definitely happy to say that Left Cold is a very tight band nowadays, while their music is high quality metallic hardcore; nothing more, nothing less. Drawing influences from bands like Cursed & Integrity, adding a strong touch of Swedish hardcore / metal and bands like Disfear or At The Gates, they create a unique blend of intense & heavy hardcore.
The 7" feat. a great cover and is nicely packaged with a mp3 download coupon inside.
If you are into modern heavy & dark hardcore, you have to check Left Cold out.