Respect few - fear none CD
Spook Records

You all know that I'm not a big fan of tough guy beat down hardcore. It's definitely not my cup of tea even though I respect and occasionally listen to a lot of bands of this genre that seem sincere and 'true' to me. I grew up 'hardcore - wise' with NYHC, 90s metallic hardcore, the H8000 scene and the likes, so I surely respect this kind of hardcore music. What I dislike is that hatred & macho attitude that is exposed via the lyrics some times. I know that inside the hardcore movement we don't all share the same idea(l)s, and there is a multi-cultural sense in every corner of this alternative way of life, so I am always open-minded in listening / giving a chance to bands that are a little out of my territory.
Enough with the prologue I guess... Chris (Senseless' guitarist) sent me his band's new CD a couple of days ago and since then I'm listening to it regularly since it's a very nice record of brutal, heavy yet in your face beat down hardcore.
You know the deal; huge gaps leading to relentless beat down parts, growls, sing along choruses, chugga-chugga riffs, double bass drumming and an intense atmosphere all over.
There are a lot of crucial guest appearances in this 11-song record, as well. Pelbu from Knuckledust, Vincent from Alea Jacta Est, Guigui from Through My Eyes, Tito from Surge Of Fury and Overpain's vocalist, all offer vocal parts in some of the songs.
Musically, if you are into new school heavy metallic hardcore and bands like CDC, Six Ft. Ditch, Nasty, Final Prayer or Death Before Dishonor, you'll surely like this record.

Senseless exist since 2006 and they are very outspoken when it comes to their city, Thessaloniki (north Greece) and / or the Salonica Hardcore Crew they are a part of along other bands like Overpain.
Moreover, they have shared the stage with the likes of Madball, Terror, Sick Of It All, Deez Nuts, Only Attitude Counts and Walls Of Jericho, etc.
'Respect few - fear none' was released by the well known Polish label, Spook Records, that owns a back catalogue feat. releases from Most Precious Blood, Spider Crew, Schizma, Punishable Act, Wisdom In Chains, Stay Hungry and Pay No Respect, among tons of others.

P.S. Chris is also running One Two Six hardcore clothing line and does designs for a lot of hardcore bands worldwide.