A Balkan Tribute to AMEBIX 12"
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Being objective in writing a review for this LP is definitely a joke.
We have been waiting for the release of this piece of wax since ages, but finally we have our portion in our HQ. As you can figure out, World's Appreciated Kitsch is deeply involved in this record and we couldn't have done differently since AMEBIX is one of the best bands ever and a tribute to them feat. only Balkan bands seemed way too good to be true.
So after months and months of waiting, the record just hit the streets, the distros & the record stores. 
To start with, the cover & the whole layout is incredibly awesome, while the record is available in both black and white (limited, though) vinyls.
Music wise, here we have 8 bands, that vary from post-hardcore to death / black metal, paying their dues to the English pioneers.
Specifically; Panikos, Hellstorm and Sun Of Nothing from Greece, True and Johann Wolfgang Pozoj from Croatia, Terrarium and Mor from Serbia, and Mother Pig from Georgia.
5 bands choose to cover songs from the first AMEBIX record (Arise! / 1985, released by Alternative Tentacles), while Panikos cover the song 'Beyond the sun' which was included in the re-release of Arise! (with 2 bonus songs) in 2000. Mother Pig have recorded their own version of the song 'Largactyl' in their native language, transforming it into 'Promazin'. On the other hand, Mor cover the song 'Winter' from the first AMEBIX 7" which was released in 1983, while True cover 'I.C.B.M.' from the 1987 record called Monolith.
All in all, we have a great 45min. record dedicated to one of the most influential punk / crust bands of the 80s. A must have for both AMEBIX 'fans' and DIY punk / hardcore scenesters that are interested in exploring new territories.