My Defense
Delorean CD
World's Appreciated Kitsch | Major Threat

review by Elena K. Voodoo

FAST, HARD and DIRTY. But when I say fast... I mean FAST.
World's Appreciated Kitsch knows exactly which bands are more than worth it beforehand!
You can't just chill in your room while listening to My Defense's new album... no, definitely not! Your feet start shaking and you want to get up and do the moshing (or pogo, that's up to you) and destroy everything around you. Proof; I just burnt the speakers.
'Skata' is the first song of the album and prepares you for the upcoming madness! The 'choking' voice with the back sing-along vocals set the scene of a party scene or, in my mind, a vicious gig. The variety of lyrics makes every song unique and a splendid surprise to my mind and ears, while the drums wind my beats up. 
Commenting on two songs that caught my eye as they are in Greek, I must say that you can absolutely sing about love and still keep it hardcore and harsh (well, heart issues are that way actually!) in 'Telos'. To end, I just learned how to make cheese pies - a greek delicacy - whose recipe is actually the lyrics to the song 'Tyropitakia - Blatterteig'.
Thanks, you guys!