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review by Elena K. Voodoo

"Listen, Read it, Take it, Rebelled! 
Disclose, Spread it, Love it, Fight them!"

Every time I want to “test” a new CD I just put it in my car's player and wait for the results... 
Headbanging, pushing the “replay” button, sing along, not getting bored in traffic are those signs which tell me that band is kick ass! 
Alfatec made me act exactly like this while I was hitting the beach some time ago. 
Their fast and bossy sound, all the shouting by Tommaso Maggiorelli as well as their “catchy” lyrics are definitely what I ask for in a hc/punk band! Also, I must admit that I am a huge fan of italian lyrics because I think the pronunciation and accent add some noise and brutality in the general tune. 
Moreover, lyrics in foreign language make me want to search their meaning in order to get the message. Extra points for this as I learn words and phrases in no time, hah hah! 
A golden star goes definitely to the last two songs of the album for offering me the right feeling and eargasm.