Kukuvaya demo CDR

Stealing time from working hours in order to write reviews is totally awesome. Working on Saturdays is definitely not awesome, though, so here we go...
Got this demo in late June during a DIY gig in the suburbs of Athens. I think that this was the 2nd show of Narcan, a new local crust hardcore combo. My band played once with them back in February and they immediately grabbed my attention, since their music was neo-crust but their vocals were actually shouts and not growls or deep bass screams. I dare to say that the vocals reminded me a bit of Kafka, one of my favorite Italian bands of all times.
Nevertheless, the Narcan demo, entitled Kukuvaya (which is a greek translation of owl) includes 3 songs, lasting over 12 minutes, of devastating neo-crust music, neither unlike the pioneers From Ashes Rise  and Tragedy, nor the spanish scene and bands like Ekkaia or Ictus. 
The 3 songs were recorded live in one day, so the production lacks a bit of tightness and clearness, but I do not care at all, since the songs are really nice.
To be honest, the whole crust trend that is more than obvious in the local DIY scene is getting on my nerves, but these guys are good, so fuck it. Get the demo by donating whatever you want, or just download it from their band camp.