le bal du rat mort CD
Uproar for Veneration Records

There are some records that it's hard to even write a couple of sentences about.
When I got Kabul Golf Club's in the post, I definitely had no idea what to expect while listening to their mini CD. 
First things first... Why would you name your band after an imaginary golf club that exists in Afghanistan's capital city that, after getting bombarded and devastated, is now exploited by the western civilization and the local lobbies. 
I can get the irony, I guess...
Music wise, Kabul Golf Club is a pretty new band based in Belgium and this is their first record that comes in a digipack MCD that is distributed everywhere (from Saturn to Mediamarkt and then to Fnac) via one of the largest distributors of alternative music, called Rough Trade.
The 5 songs that are featured in 'Le bal du rat mort' (I guess it's something like 'the dance of the dead rat', right?!) are into the math core / noise rock / post - hardcore style. I can draw comparisons with bands like At The Drive In, Snapcase, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Locust and Botch.
Moreover, there's a slight touch of dark post-hardcore in some of their songs, bringing in mind some Converge / Rise & Fall moments.
You all know that this style is definitely not my cup of tea, but one thing's for sure, Kabul Golf Club know exactly how to ROCK.

P.S.1 The artwork is weird yet cool, but I'd prefer the lyrics to be included, as well.
P.S.2 Did I tell you that this CD was recorded live in the studio?! 

(distributed by Rough Trade)