No Future 7"
Ratel Records

I bought this 7" from the Ratel Records' store a month ago, after having read in various fanzines (incl.  Law & Order) tons of amazing things concerning Last Dayz and the 2012 hardcore scene in Poland.
I was aware that Poland has a strong hardcore / punk scene, but these days it seems that the Polish hardcore scene is literally exploding with bands like Iron To Gold, Thug X Life, Death Row and -of course- Last Dayz.  
I got this record just to support the Polish hardcore movement and the effort that Ratel Records crew does, without having great expectations of the quality that I was about to find when playing 'No Future' in my turntable.
But how wrong I was... Last Dayz is one of the best European HARDCORE bands nowadays. Period.
These 4 songs are like a bulldozer, so tough and heavy that can make some hardcore gangsta wannabes cry. They are groovy as hell, as well. Full of mosh parts, breakdowns and sing-alongs. 
I definitely dig the guitar solos; they are lovely!
If you are into mid 90s Madball or No Turning Back, Last Dayz will be your new favorite band. Trust me.
Ratel Records is doing a great work trying to bringing the Polish hardcore scene on the surface.
It's a shame that the European kids lick the asses of the American or the Western European bands, following blindly the trendsetters. Take a look at the Eastern part of Europe and you'll find a bunch of dedicated and sincere hardcore bands. 
I hope one day Last Dayz will make it to Greece.
'No Future' is almost sold out, but you can download the 7" if you visit the band's websites.